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Our goal is to provide your company with the legal structures and
protections that ensure the best investments and the most powerful growth.

At Eilers Law Group we strive to be part of your business development team, not just your attorneys. Our focus is on providing small businesses with the legal protection they need when engaging in fund raising and securities transactions. We work with clients at all stages of business development. We specialize in protecting small business clients from the pitfalls of securities liabilities. Our goal is to protect our client’s interests while being strategic advisors in the always complicated world of finance.




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Areas of Practice

Small business law

At Eilers Law Group we are dedicated to the development of small business. For the small business owner or entrepreneur, our services go beyond legal advise and documents, as we provide as much support for your startup or small business as you require.

crowd funding

Choosing the right equity crowdfunding route is not a simple task. In addition to supporting your legal and compliance needs, Eilers Law Group will help advise the best path for raising funds.


Keeping up with compliance considerations can become overwhelming very quickly, especially when your real focus needs to be on building your company. Eilers Law Group is dedicated to your compliance above all else, so that you don’t have to worry about it.

investments and capital structure

Whether just getting off the ground or looking to fund the next phase of your business, Eilers Law Group is here to guide you through the fund raising process and capital structures.  We provide services in private placements, IPOs, and IPO alternatives.  

sec compliance

The rules set forth by the SEC restrict the manner in which securities are bought, sold and transferred. Often, these rules require reporting to the SEC and sometimes approval. The rules also restrict who can be an investor and how you can engage with the investor. Eilers Law Group is here to help you navigate those rules, and ensure that you are meeting all requirements, so that your focus can be on your business.


We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.
— Edmund Burke


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